Brewery News

10.11.2023 WinterKriek

Winter has begun. Time for our Winterkriek!


  • 25 cl Lindemans Kriek
  • 5 cl Lindemans Premium Distilled Gin Red
  • 4 cloves (infuse for 10 min)


  • 75 cl Lindemans Kriek
  • 25 cl Lindemans Premium Distilled Gin Red
  • 12 cloves (infuse for 10 min)
Heat the ingredients together in the microwave, or in a pot on the stove.
Note: So that the aromas of the beer and alcohol don’t evaporate, make sure that the blend doesn’t boil. The ideal temperature is approximately 60 °C.

Other news


  • 15.03.2024

    Lindemans Brewery shines at the European Beer Challenge 2024

    Double gold for Lindemans Kriek!

  • 21.11.2023

    Lindemans shines at the 2023 Brussels Beer Challenge with gold and silver

    Gold for Goyck and silver for Oude Gueuze Cuvée René!

  • 08.09.2023

    Gazette IV (August 2023)

    Read about the mysterious Lindemans TAROT Noir 8% and TAROT d'Or 8%, two new, delectable high fermentation beers blended with lambic and fruit! And there's much more to discover, like the brand new Pecheresse glass!