› Les “Brasseurs Belges et la Chevalerie du Fourquet des Brasseurs, en collaboration avec la Ville de Bruxelles, organisent du vendredi 2 septembre au dimanche 4 septembre 2011 la 13ième édition du WEEK-END DE LA BIERE sur la Grand’ Place de Bruxelles.

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› Documentary ‘Gueuze at the Castle’ Early December a unique event was held at Castle Neufcour in Eizeringen. Lambic lovers gathered to learn about the secret of spontaneous fermentation. Dutch with English subtitles

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» The Beer Hunter (film)

› Film sur le procédé de brassage Part 2 of The Burgundies of Belgium, the first episode of The Beer Hunter with Michael Jackson. With Dutch subtitles. Michael Jackson (1942-2007) was a renowned writer and promotor of specialty beers, not to be confused with the famous singer. The first episode in the series takes us to Belgium for an examination of the wonderful and idiosyncratic beer styles indigenous to that country. We'll see just how the spontaneously fermented lambic is made

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